Sunday, April 14, 2024
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School of Energy Materials emphasizes on all-round development of the students by organising various extension activities to inculcate a sense of social responsibility and humanitarian values amongst the students by connecting them to the neighbouring community. Every year, the school organises following activities with the help of various departments. Committees like Department Students Union (DSU) also takes lot of initiatives to sensitize them towards the needs of the marginalized thereby making them aware of their responsibilities towards the society at large.

1. Covid-19 Pandemic Awareness Programme along with Mask distribution

School of Energy Materials has organised a series of Awareness Campaign on Pandemic Covid-19 and Mask distribution Programme in MGU Campus on Friday, 8 th of October, 2021. The main motto of the programme was to create Covid-19 awareness among the MGU Staffs/students and mask distribution.

Following activities were held during the campaign.

1. Demonstrating how the wearing of masks can reduce the risk of infecting others and protecting ourselves.

2. The correct method of using and discarding the masks.

3. Demonstration of the correct method of using sanitizers.

4. Distribution of masks to the common people.

The programmes were quite successful.

2. Plastic free eco-friendly campus

The campus has a green policy which promotes to make the campus and its vicinity plastic free zone also aims to maintain Eco-friendly Campus through zero waste lifestyle. A cleaning activity was organized by the School of Energy Materials on 25th of May 2022.  The programme wasinaugurated by Prof. Sabu Thomas, Hon. Director School of Energy Materials. The students undertook an innovative thought to facilitate a plastic free campus by collecting all the plastic wastes and hand overed to the Haritha Karma sena, the green volunteers.  The venture attracted and instructed the general student community about the possibility of discarding the plastic products one by one and thus creating a zero-plastic campus. This programme was organised by Nature club constituted in the school.

The main aim of the Initiative is to eliminate the usage of single-use-plastic in the Academy and reduce plastic dependency. Emphasis is laid on reusing the plastics and converting the plastic waste into useful forms through recycling. The students initiated the awareness and proposed green deeds to reduce plastic pollution.

3. Report of World Environment Day Celebration – A Green Campus initiative

The world environment day is celebrated every year on 5th June to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet earth. It is a day that reminds everyone on the planet to get involved in environment friendly activities. People come together to pledge towards building a greener planet. Keeping this aim in view, School of Energy Materials celebrated World Environment Day on 5th of June 2022. The students participated and celebrated world environmental day enthusiastically. They were asked to plant a sapling to create a green corner. A lot of enthusiasm was seen in the students. The event was conducted successfully with whole hearted participation and awareness about plants. This programme was jointly organised by Nature club and Green Energy Club constituted in the school.

Prof. Anitha C Kumar, Joint Director, School of Energy Materials inaugurated the Plantation Drive and the program continued with plantation of Tropical Fruits’ saplings such as Mango, Banana, Coffee plum (Poniol), Hog plum (Amra), Java plum (Kala jamun), Pomelo (Robab tenga) by Faculty members and students of the school. In this regard, Dr. Anitha C Kumar gave an important speech on World Environment Day. The joint director highlighted the importance to the faculty, staff, and students of Article 51-A (g), which deals with the fundamental duties of the citizens and states: “It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment, including forests, lakes, rivers, and wildlife, and to have compassion for living creatures.” She emphasised the need to conserve, preserve, and protect our environment. In particular, we must fight for climate change, sustainability and pollution.

4. OPEN DAY 2022

Open Day, an annual collaborative effort was held on 26 August, 2022  organized Open House to display innovative projects done by the students, infrastructure and lab facility to the public. About 500 students from various departments and colleges were participates in the Open Day. This programme was organised by Student Chapter constituted in the school.