Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Physical facilities


The adequacy and optimal use of the facilities available in an institution are essential to maintain the quality of academic and other programmes on the school.

        Adequate infrastructure facilities are keys for effective and efficient conduct of the educational programmes. The growth of infrastructure thus has to keep pace with the academic developments in the institution. The other supportive facilities on the campus are developed to contribute to the effective ambience for curricular, extra- curricular and administrative activities. A provision of expenditure in the budget is made annually for maintenance and replenishment of physical facilities which will ensure their availability on a continual basis. The School has already initiated growth that will have a ripple effect for another couple of years by submitted various proposals to national/international funding agencies. In many cases it is not possible to wait for the construction of new facilities. Therefore, a combination of augmentation of existing facilities and construction of new structures has been adopted. The immediate requirement of an individual building with admin/faculty offices, library, lecture halls, laboratory, seminar halls, and cafeteria are needed due to increase in number of students and faculties. It will provide a comfortable and creative environment to faculty in addition to interdisciplinary interactions.

Details of all/Lecture room/Demonstration room/ Seminar room/Comfort room

Sl. NoName of Hall/ Lecture room / Seminar HallNoLCDWiFi Plan/Lan
1Lecture room1ProjectorYes
2Lecture room1ProjectorYes
3Seminar room1ProjectorYes
4Instrumentation Lab1ProjectorYes
5Comfort rooms2NilYes
  • Instrumentation Lab
  • Class Rooms
  • Library as a Learning Resource

The library holdings in terms of books, journals and other learning materials and technology-aided learning mechanisms which enable students to acquire information, knowledge and skills required for their study programmes. A recent development in the field due to availability of digital means, the functioning of the library has undergone a drastic change. Automation of library using the ILMS, use of e-journals and books, providing remote access to e-resources in the library have become a matter of necessity. Providing for these and such other developments as well as utilizing them well are important indicators of the quality of an academic institution. Presently the school is not having a full-fledged library so we are accessing the central library facility.

  • IT Infrastructure

The school adopts policies and strategies for adequate technology deployment and maintenance. The ICT facilities and other learning resources are adequately available in the institution for academic and administrative purposes. The staff and students have access to technology and information retrieval on current and relevant issues. The institution deploys and employs ICTs for a range of activities.

  • Seminar Hall

It is necessary that the institution has sufficient resources allocated for regular upkeep of the infrastructure and there are effective mechanisms for the upkeep of the infrastructure facilities and promotes the optimum use of the same.