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Innovative Teaching Methods

Student centric teaching methods such as experiential learning, participative learning and problem solving methodologies are used to enhance learning experiences. The biggest challenge for any teacher is capturing each student’s attention, and conveying ideas effectively enough to create a long lasting impression. To tackle this challenge effectively, the teacher implements innovative ideas that make the learning experience much more interesting for the students. Course-in-charges strive diligently to bring innovations while imparting knowledge.

Course-in-charges along with the regular lecture method use graphs and diagrams to explain the complex concepts. They use both inductive and deductive methods, experimental methods to develop scientific approaches among the students. Problem solving sessions including the heuristic method and participative methods are used to engage students individually or in groups. The Teaching-Learning activities are made effective through illustrations and special lectures.

Students are engaged in different activities which help them to acquire first-hand knowledge of the subjects and current practices. They are motivated to enhance their knowledge through educational portals, biweekly seminars, conferences etc.

ICT Tools / Software’s

Regular Practical Sessions, access to Digital Library, Online Courses (MOOCS, NPTEL, Vidhyamrutham etc.), online journals, Online tests, Use of LCD projectors for seminars and workshops, productive use of educational videos, and accessibility of non-print material for students of different disciplines through Google class room.

Google Classroom

Vidyamrutam E-learning Portal

Report 2021 -2022

Learning Management System – Moodle Vidyamrutham (, Moodle based Learning Management System (LMS) of Mahatma Gandhi university, helps teachers to create an online platform for adaptive and customised learning. This supports the faculty to create and deliver courses online to the students. At School of Energy Materials , teachers and students leverage on Moodle through the built-in features such as file upload, assignments, quizzes and examinations. Moodle supports teaching and learning especially  in this ‘new normal’ pandemic period.

The course instructors are uploaded their learning materials through the Directors profile and kept all the documents in well arranged manner inorder to acesses easily.

Courses updated in Vidyamrutam

The students can choose the courses from My Courses, and also can opt online tests conducted by instructors anytime. The instructors were uploaded the learning materials and question papers in the corresponding courses.