Sunday, April 14, 2024
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M.Sc. Material Science

(Specialization in Energy Science)

ProgrammeM.Sc. Material Science (Specialization in Energy Science)
Intake10 + 2 (International)
DurationFour semesters (2 Years)
EligibilityB.Sc. or B.S. in Chemistry/ Physics/Material Science/Nanoscience and Nanotechnology/Polymer Chemistry and Renewable Energy.
AdmissionCommon Admission Test (CAT)
Programme DescriptionNew materials underpin development and progress across a wide variety of sectors. New technologies, from aero planes to batteries, from medical implants to electronic devices, are made possible, and often limited by, the materials we currently know and use. Materials Scientists and Engineers work hard to understand how and why materials behave the way they do, and exploit this knowledge to develop new materials with amazing properties.
Studying Materials Science (Specialization in Energy Science), you will develop a fundamental understanding of how the properties of a material, such as strength, electronic properties and biocompatibility, are affected by the material’s structure, such as its crystal structure or microstructure and used to formulate strategies to develop new energy materials. This programme will equip you with the skills required to join a wide variety of industries in the capacity of materials specialist, or continue your education at a PhD level.  

Syllabus of M.Sc. Material Science (Specialization in Energy Science)