Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Recent projects

1. 2021Prof. Sabu Thomas (PI)CEAT TyresUnderstanding rubber-nanofiller interactions resulting in adequate reinforcement in tyre compound with special emphasis on dispersion, exfoliation and stability – Experimental and theoretical approach through material modelling14,55,000
2.  2022Prof. Sabu Thomas (Co- PI)BRICSSustainable green nanocomposite for smart edible packaging applications 
3. 2022Prof. Sabu Thomas (PI)Swedish-Indian network projectTitle of “Analysis and networking about topics of future research on sustainable materials for decentralized water purification in rural India “Supporting research
4.2022-2023Prof. Sabu Thomas (PI)SWEDEN-EGYPT -INDIA RESEARCH GRANTSustainable textile wastewater treatment using modified multi-layer membranes with antifouling and antibacterial propertiesSupporting research
5.2022Prof. Sabu Thomas (PI)KAZAKISTANDevelopment of agro mineral based on bentonite and nanoparticles of silver and copper3,00,000