Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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PV insulation resistance tester Hioki IR4053

Solar panel Bypass Diodes Tester Hioki FT4310

RMS AC/DC current clamp meter for PV panels Hioki CM4371

Compact Vacuum Glove Box with Humidity Purification System LCPW-120

Apex table top spin coating system model spin NXG-P2

Drying Oven BPG-9140A

Vacuum Oven Rectangular Model:RVO-R-1, Make: Rotek

Water Distillation Unit Indion Lab Q Ultra Pure Type III system LQHA10011

`eltek’ High Speed Research Centrifuge Model:TC 4100 D

Fume Exhaust Hood with 1.5 meter exhaust piping,Model:RFH-42, Make: Rotek Instruments

Digital Multimeter Sonel CMM 60 4.5 Digit handheld Digital Multimeter with 1P67

Lux meter Sonel LXP-10A

Humidity logger and sensor Hioki LR8514 2 channels

Atomic Force Microscope

High Resolution TEM

Internal Melt Mixer

Phase Contrast Microscope

Precision Impedance Analyzer

Laminar Air Flow


Universal Testing Machine



Deep Freezer

Cooling Centrifuge

Deferential Scanning Calorimeter

Dynamic Contact Angle Meter